Tunnel Mountain Hike

A couple months ago, a hiked up Banff’s very popular Tunnel Mountain. Although originally known as Sleeping Buffalo due to its appearance, the mountain received its current name during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The surveyors assumed the easiest path would be to follow the Bow River, and in this case, constructing a tunnel through this mountain which was beside the river. CPR was furious at the idea, and instead found a route north of the mountain that actually shortened the overall railway and saved CPR millions of dollars. Continue reading

An “Alluring” View From My New Condo

On Wednesday, October 8, I finally moved into my new condo in Alura, after buying in 3 years ago at preconstruction prices.

Situated in the Victoria Park neighbourhood of Calgary, my condo offers stunning views of the mountains and downtown. At 600 square feet, it isn’t huge, but I have more space than before for my stuff. The parking stall is heated and underground.  Continue reading

Glenmore Dam

Calgary’s Glenmore Reservoir is one of Calgary’s only large bodies of water, and was created through the construction of the Glenmore Dam in 1932. This dam is purely a gravity dam, where the sheer size and weight of the dam alone provides a barrier to the water. The Hoover dam is an arch-gravity dam, where the arch shape provides extra strength reducing the required size and resources needed. Continue reading