London, UK (part 1)

Upon arriving in Central London, this is the first neighbourhood I saw, because my hostel was located here.


It was a nice neighbourhood. This street must have been one way, although it was not unusual to see cars parked in the wrong direction on a side of the street (you could see two cars parked facing each other, implying that one must be wrong).


The entrance to my hostel. It wasn’t too bad.


A normal two way street in the residential area.


Another neighbourhood shot.


Sidewalk of the busy street, not far from the Underground station. There is a McDonald’s visible at the centre of this photograph, where I ate once on my first night, and a Burger King next door. These American chains are everywhere in London, which is unfortunate I think, because I would have preferred to see British chains instead, like I can see French chains in France that are more popular than the American ones.


This sign is identical to the ones used in Europe. Combined with some French store chains on a few streets and plenty of people speaking French everywhere, I had to wonder for a second if I had really left French. I knew I was indeed in the UK after being surprised by cars and double decker buses pulling up from the left side of the road.

That’s all for now. In my next post, more London and eventually Rome. It is taking me some time to process my photos, and also make time to write up descriptions to go with them.


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