Rome, Italy (part 2)

My first full day was when I saw the Coliseum. I had planned to see the other places nearby on the same day, but got lost when walking back from lunch and got lost near the Vatican.


While walking away, I came across a “Cat Sanctuary”. It was some type of ruins in one of the city’s squares. Hundreds of Roman cats live there now. I sat down to relax this place, taking my umbrella out of my bag. I left it there without realizing it. I wandered back within an hour, still not realizing I had lost it. I found it there, still right there where I was sitting.


People walking and cars often share the same space. Romans don’t like it if you make them wait for more than, say, 5 seconds either. They will honk their horns and start coming towards you, even on narrow passageways like this. Little motorcycles are also very commonplace, and you see groups of them parked outside things because they can skip car lines.


This is Trevi’s Fountain, one of the must-see places in Rome. It is hard to get a real good picture here though because it is over-run with tourists 24/7. Overall, Rome is a city plastered with fountains everywhere. There are also taps running constantly all over the city that you can use to get drinking water. This is useful because it is difficult to find restrooms in Rome, and buying lots of bottled water gets expensive.


A nice shot of an ancient castle beside the river, not far from the Vatican.


One of the squares in the city, getting close to sunset. Rome has very colourful architecture using lots of yellows, reds, and oranges in its buildings.


The entrance to the Pantheon, which has not changed much over the centuries. Directly behind me is a McDonald’s location.

img_1656.JPG img_1658.JPG

All the light inside the main room of this church is provided by one hole in the ceiling shown above.


The history must have been too much for someone. The paramedics attend to someone just outside the Coliseum. The ambulance sirens are very loud and annoying in Rome. It must be quite frustrating for them to navigate the large city.

In my next post, the Vatican!


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