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I arrived home on Friday, with no major issues. The trip home was much easier with no wasted time in lengthy layovers. Customs were a bit rude in Montreal though, and a small bottle of maple syrup broke in my bag on the way to Saint John. I am glad it was that rather than the larger bottle of maple syrup, or even worse, the bottle of Barcardi (for my father) that were in the same bag. One must really wonder why I put ALL of my breakable bottles in that bag rather than my other one which has a protective case.

Now I will talk about my trip to Versailles a couple weeks ago on a day trip.


The beautiful grounds outside. Many buildings make up Versailles. I didn’t get a good shot of all of them from a distance, not that one is really possible right now because the largest one has all kinds of construction happening in front of it.


A bed once fit for royalty. This bed is very square, and short.


Another room with a fancy bed, also used by royalty at one time, and a chair set set up. It was really neat to be just walking by this stuff when it would been the site of important decision making at one point in history.


The gardens behind the palace stretch for quite a long way.


One of the buildings belonging to Marie-Antoinette’s farm house and lake area. I’m told that she wanted to feel like a normal peasant, so she had this fully operational farm built to enjoy and participate in somewhat, even though she was royalty.


The Hall of Mirrors, where the famous Treaty of Versailles was signed.


Fancy furniture decorates this room. Things were much simpler, but more elegant back then.

That concludes some highlights from Versailles. Since it was a while ago now, I don’t remember everything. Check my Gallery for more photos. Coming up in my next post, Ireland!


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