Marching to the Legislature

On Tuesday, a few dozen people met at the centre of UNBF for another rally, and also a march this time. This was organized by the UNBF Graduate Student Association.


From UNBF, we marched about for 20 minutes or more to the legislature. It’s a long way!


Everyone present had lots of spirit!


Professors and students came from many university campuses. The lady shown here is a professor at STU.


The blogger, Charles Leblanc, is getting blogged himself. And by the looks of things, I’m covering this story before he is! Haha.


Some of the Progressive Conservative MLA’s came out offering protestors invitations to the throne speech.

Due to a lack of advertising, the showing wasn’t very strong unfortunately. This is unfortunate, as many people would have come out if they knew about it. I hope there is more advertising for the next rally.


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