Demolition of YMCA-YWCA

On my lunch today, I went to watch the demolition of the YMCA-YWCA. I always find these type of things interesting to watch. Unfortunately, I didn’t have either of my good cameras, so I used my new cell phone instead!


About half of the building (to the left) is already gone.


In this photo, you can see the machine operator sorting out the usable metal and other stuff. For some reason, my phone decided to make everything appear as if it were glowing.


The top floor which has been blown open now is the gynasium, with lockers below it still in place.

Quite a mess indeed! From start to finish, this is expected to take 3 weeks. As far as I know, the building was fairly healthy, but they are tearing it down to make way for the new courthouse as well as other controversial developments North of Union Street.


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