Times Square & Broadway – New York City (1 of 7)

In May, I took my first trip to New York City with friends from Calgary.

Times Square is very busy and bright, though not overwhelming. With dozens of police officers around at all times, it also feels extremely safe.

As you can imagine, taxis are everywhere in New York. So are electronics stores that are open very late.

Another busy street near Times Square. This area is very flashy, though the excitement ends once you go underground. The subway stations were actually quite dirty, old, and hard to understand at first.

Outside the Metropolitan Opera. Yes, I actually did see an opera. At $100 a ticket, it was an expensive show to see, and not one I can see myself doing too often in the future.

A much more engaging performance was Wicked! The theatre was very well decorated for the musical and unlike anything I have ever seen before. I previously saw Chicago in London.

That’s all for my first section of New York.


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