Museums – New York City (3 of 7)

While in New York, I saw three museums. Taking photos inside most areas was allowed, though lighting conditions didn’t afford many great opportunities for good photos with my camera. Thus, I combine all three museums into this one post.

The Museum of Natural History had cool looking dinosaur bones.

I enjoyed how these objects appeared in the light. I’m not sure what they even are.

The design and work required to make many works seen here is mind boggling.

Slightly disfigured statue heads are shown here along with a lucky fountain in the center.

Clever looking artwork. No idea what it means!

This piece was part of an interesting exhibition where the artists themselves are part of the exhibit, “The Artist is Present”. The premise of this one is simple. Museum visitors who wait long enough can volunteer to sit in the chair across from the artist quietly for as long as they wish. That’s all, as far as I understand it. Some people sit for hours before giving up, or bursting into tears, as can be seen in official photos online.


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