Fifth Avenue & Architecture – New York City (5 of 7)

As a large city, New York has many stunning examples of beautiful buildings.

One of the flashiest that I was drawn to was barely a building at all. This is the 24 hour Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, the only location worldwide that never closes. It’s just a glass cube! Inside, I bought an iPad.

The New York Stock Exchange covers up its fascade with a huge banner for Mother’s Day.

I’m on Wall Street! Even though it was probably late in the day, the area was surprisingly not very busy.

More high rises of different architecture styles are shown here. One building is seemingly growing out of the tree on the left!

I don’t remember what this building is, but many similar ones exist around the city.

Many high rises are grouped here as well.

This is a huge, tall photo to highlight one building. After my trip, I saw the Sex in the City 2 movie. In one scene, this building can be seen in the background!


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