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Nightscapes of Stephen Avenue

Stephen Avenue is Calgary’s only pedestrian mall, and is one of the city’s most vibrant streets at all hours of the day. It is home to major shopping centres, including a Hudson’s Bay department store which has recently opened its own restaurant with a bar and patio. Most downtown streets are named numerically (e.g., 1 Street SE), but the title Stephen Avenue is used to describe a portion of 8th Avenue.

I’d like to share a few of my favourite photos taken on Stephen Avenue at night over the past year. Continue reading

An incredible Calgary sunset

On October 9th of last year, Calgary was dazzled with a sunset so incredible that people stepped out of their houses to take pictures. The city is always quite beautiful during the evening hours, but this sunset was very different. Everything around the city seemed to glow.

From my balcony, I was able to capture a stunning photo of the city skyline which I previously shared on social media (including Instagram). The attention it received makes that image one of my most popular ever.

In this post, I would also like to share several other photos taken that day which show the Rocky Mountains in the distance, and other parts of Calgary’s downtown and Beltline neighbourhood skylines. Everything looked incredible in these lighting conditions. Continue reading

Condo fire on 17th Ave

While I was out, I could see from a distance a major fire happening with thick black smoke somewhere in the downtown area. Initially, I couldn’t spot my own condo building, and was a bit concerned. I quickly learned that a new wood frame condominium under construction on Calgary’s 17th Avenue was on fire.

I wasn’t home when the fire started and would’ve had more black smoke and flames, but I’m posting my photo and video later on as fire crews tamed the fire.

UPDATE: I added 2 photos from the following afternoon, including one of the ember I found on my balcony which I assume is from the fire.

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