Target leaves Canada

Target is now officially closed across Canada, bringing an end to perhaps the biggest blunder in Canadian retail history. After the January announcement of plans to shut down in Canada, Target stores entered liquidation in February using signage that was identical to what Zellers used in most of the same spaces, just over 2 years ago. In a weird twist of fate, Zellers has officially outlasted its “successor”, as two Zellers stores remain open in Ontario as outlets for the Hudson’s Bay Company.

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Condo fire on 17th Ave

While I was out, I could see from a distance a major fire happening with thick black smoke somewhere in the downtown area. Initially, I couldn’t spot my own condo building, and was a bit concerned. I quickly learned that a new wood frame condominium under construction on Calgary’s 17th Avenue was on fire.

I wasn’t home when the fire started and would’ve had more black smoke and flames, but I’m posting my photo and video later on as fire crews tamed the fire.

UPDATE: I added 2 photos from the following afternoon, including one of the ember I found on my balcony which I assume is from the fire.

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