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Peter Newman speaks in Saint John

A couple weeks, I had the opportunity to attend Uncensored: The Inside Story of Conrad Black with journalist Peter Newman.


These are the chairs from Bustin’s that event host Steve Murphy and Peter sat in. Note the conspicuous tags hanging from the sides. Perhaps these were price tags or reminders to actually return the chairs after the night is over!


Steve asked Peter many specific questions, as he does all the time on TV.


Peter had a lot of interesting things to say. A lot of it was over my head, as I have never researched Conrad Black much. He opened by telling us that he was asked at the airport if anyone put anything in his luggage “without his knowledge”. Seemingly thinking that airport security has gone too far, he pointed out that the best answer should be… “How the heck would I know?!”.


The event was held in the UNB Grand Hall uptown, formerly one of the city’s two uptown Scotiabank branches. As James has found, the safe is still intact.

Fall in Saint John

I regret that I haven’t updated in a while. (EDIT: I decided not to add more financial analysis for now. Keep checking back, as I will keep blogging as I have time.) Here’s a bunch of photos taken in the past couple months around Saint John. Enjoy!

Rockwood Park Golf Course overlooks Half Moon Lake with trees nearing the end of the their colour change.

Shadows of trees are visible on UNBSJ’s Oland Hall.

Trees line both sides and the middle of King Street East. It’s amazing how much a little bit of greenery can add to a neighbourhood.

King’s Square


A squirrel crawls along the side of Hazen Hall at UNBSJ. This has to be one of my favourite photos right now.

Red Friday Support Rally

Last Friday, I attended the Red Friday Support Rally held in Uptown Saint John. The rally’s purpose was to bolster awareness of Red Fridays where people wear ribbons signifying support for the troops. One of the main people championing this initiative is Laurie Greenslade, mother of David Greenslade.


Plenty of people are visible from St. Patrick’s despite the inclement weather. The day’s events began with a march from Market Square and the Brunswicker towards Long Wharf along Harbour Passage.


CTV’s Steve Murphy acted as emcee. Originally a Saint Johner himself, he made light of the rain describing it as the city’s “heavy fog”.


You’d think it was Canada day with the flags being waved about, just as the sun was beginning to come out.


One of the event organizers, Ivan Court, standing beside Laurie Greenslade. You can tell she was having a good time, which is quite amazing given everything she has gone through this year.


The Greenslades

End of summer

School has started again, bringing the end to summer.

Here are a few more recent shots around Saint John.


The late afternoon sun reflects over Saint John Harbour.


Lily pads and debris floating in a lake near the Rockwood Park Golf Course.


A pleasant evening run through Rockwood Park.

A while ago, I talked about these ugly structures visible from Saint John Harbour:


Aren’t they beautiful? They are gone now. I was told that these were from the old sugar refinery, but I definitely don’t remember so many large, tall things sitting there. Another person says they are related to LNG, but that’s all I was told. Yet someone else told me that these structures are in the process of being refurbished. Once ready, they will shipped to the United States perhaps to be used as anchors for ships and whatnot. She says that they are new, and were brought here off a ship.

That’s all for now.

YAP graduation speech

On the 21st, I was a guest speaker at Youth Apprenticeship graduation. I was asked to speak from the perspective of a previous YAP graduate. My message based on my experience in Youth Apprenticeship with Innovatia was that things that you don’t want to do can always lead to unexpected opportunities. It went well.


Here’s a quote from my speech:

“Through this program, I applied and was chosen for a position advertised by Innovatia, a division of Bell Aliant, and started working with computers. Because this company usually required specific experience and university degrees, I would never have been hired as a grade 11 student, without going through the Youth Apprenticeship Program.

“Upon returning from France, I continue to work with this employer. In a few weeks, I will enter my last year of university and know that the opportunity to have gained thousands of hours of paid work experience will be a tremendous asset as I pursue my first full time career.”

Okay, that’s enough quoting.

A particular emotional part of the ceremony was the speech and presentation of the Gregory Forbes Memorial Award. Understandably so, since it’s a dramatic story about how this youth apprentice was in the first group of students going through the program 12 years ago.

Summer in Saint John

It’s taken me a while to start pictures around Saint John again. This area just does not compare in scope as much as Europe does obvious


Sailboats out on the water outside the RKYC in Millidgeville. I like this shot because there is a bit of symmetry, and the water and misty air make it look refreshing in a way.


A sunny afternoon in Rockwood Park. Shots like this are one of my favourites, as it includes colourful scenery, water, and clouds in a blue sky.


Zooming in on King Street.


Ugly structures at the site of old sugar refinery. This is the first thing that cruise ship passengers see when entering Saint John pretty much. These look new to me, and I’m not sure what they’re for, since I haven’t kept up on the status of this site. Anyone know what these are for?


The pathway near Fisher Lakes in Rockwood Park.


Another view of the pathway, similar to shots I have taken before. A little bit of haze is visible in the background, but it does not cloud the foreground view.

That’s all for now. It’s not as easy to get good shots around Saint John as it was in Europe, as I had the ability to take many shots at once of different places in Europe.

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