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Summer in Saint John

It’s taken me a while to start pictures around Saint John again. This area just does not compare in scope as much as Europe does obvious


Sailboats out on the water outside the RKYC in Millidgeville. I like this shot because there is a bit of symmetry, and the water and misty air make it look refreshing in a way.


A sunny afternoon in Rockwood Park. Shots like this are one of my favourites, as it includes colourful scenery, water, and clouds in a blue sky.


Zooming in on King Street.


Ugly structures at the site of old sugar refinery. This is the first thing that cruise ship passengers see when entering Saint John pretty much. These look new to me, and I’m not sure what they’re for, since I haven’t kept up on the status of this site. Anyone know what these are for?


The pathway near Fisher Lakes in Rockwood Park.


Another view of the pathway, similar to shots I have taken before. A little bit of haze is visible in the background, but it does not cloud the foreground view.

That’s all for now. It’s not as easy to get good shots around Saint John as it was in Europe, as I had the ability to take many shots at once of different places in Europe.

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