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Marching to the Legislature

On Tuesday, a few dozen people met at the centre of UNBF for another rally, and also a march this time. This was organized by the UNBF Graduate Student Association.


From UNBF, we marched about for 20 minutes or more to the legislature. It’s a long way!


Everyone present had lots of spirit!


Professors and students came from many university campuses. The lady shown here is a professor at STU.


The blogger, Charles Leblanc, is getting blogged himself. And by the looks of things, I’m covering this story before he is! Haha.


Some of the Progressive Conservative MLA’s came out offering protestors invitations to the throne speech.

Due to a lack of advertising, the showing wasn’t very strong unfortunately. This is unfortunate, as many people would have come out if they knew about it. I hope there is more advertising for the next rally.

Fall in Fredericton

I’ve been in Fredericton a lot this year, particularly this fall. I didn’t take too many photos, but here are a few that I like.


This bench caught my eye after leaving the Provincial Legislature following the provincial student rally. It looks so inviting, doesn’t it?!


I really like this pathway on the UNB Fredericton campus. I took this last month when I was there for a programming competition.


Such colourful trees!

With rallies and other things happening in the capital city, it’s likely I’ll be back before long!

Close call with moose on highway from Fredericton

On the way home from Fredericton last night with other people from UNBSJ, we suddenly saw cars pulled over and someone standing in the middle of the road. As it turns out, there was a moose in the middle of the road that had just been clipped by another vehicle. It was limping along, with it’s two back legs broken.


It made its way into the ditch, bleeding all over the place as you can see. It was moving around a bit, seemingly whining a bit as well. Luckily, no people were hurt.

It seems that everyone you talk to has a moose encounter along this highway, or knows someone who has. My psychology professor from first year told us in class one night about how he hit a moose with his own vehicle. I’m sure the government had the right intentions when erecting signs every 10 kilometres or so along the stretch. The problem is with education on the issue. The moose never seem to cross next to the signs!

Demonstration in Fredericton

On Tuesday, over 50 people (100 by some counts) braved the cold weather to attend a small rally at the centre of campus in Fredericton. The rally goals were to protest the bad ideas of the PSE report, including campus closures (!), deregulation of tuition, and the downgrading of university senates.


Many UNBSJ professors, along with 3 of us students, made the trek up to UNBF.


Mona holds a placard.


The rally was organized by the Graduate Student Association of UNB.


The rally was a small gesture to keep the public aware that the post-secondary education issues haven’t been resolved yet, and that we’re still fighting.


I stand bundled up warmly with two jackets, still trying to display my UNBSJ sweatshirt purchased for the first big rally in Fredericton at the legislature.



I made the 6 o’clock CTV News, as Mike Cameron interviewed me in Saint John before we left for Fredericton.


And here I am listening to speakers in Fredericton.

Solidarity unites New Brunswick students

Today, the university and college students of New Brunswick united for the first time in a rally to protest recommendations to destroy three university campuses that we all fought so hard to obtain. I took many photos, and have posted some of the good ones.


Vibrant autumn colours serve as a backdrop for a large vibrant crowd of over 1,000 students from every university in New Brunswick, as well as NBCC campuses. This issue is now a provincial issue, not just a Saint John issue. Shawn, are you listening?


With an aging population and lower birth rates, a large part of our growth will depend on immigrants. At the SJHS session last night, John Wallace talked about how our international student programs attract students from over 30 countries, making this perhaps one of the best ways to grow our population.


Normally, anglophones and francophones speak different languages in this province. Today, we spoke with one clear voice. We are united in protecting our university campuses for future generations.


A polytechnic, by definition, isn’t a bad thing. However, this is simply fancy lingo being used in the PSE report to say “community college”. There’s nothing wrong with the college, but we need both of them as separate institutions. Mashing a university and community college into one institution is like trying to keep ice cream and hot coffee in the same Thermos. Instead of ending up with something great (e.g. coffee ice cream), you’d end up with something that doesn’t really provide the joys of either original ingredient. The same type of problems arises when you go to combine a community college and university into a polytechnic.


Closing UNBSJ, and the north UdeM campuses will certainly be political suicide for the Liberals. Shawn, why give up on a second term so soon? Worst of all, the destruction of a university will be the monster that keeps on giving, as we come to realize new problems caused by going backwards in a way that no community ever has before.


A huge crowd surrounds the entrance to the legislature. Many student leaders spoke to us, as did Dr. Ed Doherty. His speech was more of the same, but I’ve noticed him attempting to emphasize more distance between himself and the report. He’s no longer pretentiously telling us to read the report, but rather emphasizing it is not government policy. Certainly you’d realize a good report within 6 weeks of it coming out enough to quickly claim credit for it, if it was any good at all. Despite our polite demands for his presence, Shawn Graham never showed his face.


We won an impossible fight for UNBSJ back in 1964. Let’s do it again.