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Video: A Tour of Saint John

While home for a summer visit to Saint John, I did the usual tour of my favourite places. Tired of capturing just pictures, I created a video tour of the city. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do. Sadly, I did not have enough time to include everything that I believe fully represents Saint John, but I hit on many of the areas that are important to me.


Also check out some photos I took in a separate blog post.

Summer 2010 in Saint John

While home in Saint John for a summer visit, I took photos around town as I usually do. I also created a video which I have entered in a separate blog post.

Here are some of my favourites:

I have probably taken this shot before in Rockwood Park, but I don’t care. It always looks beautiful.

From a fairly remote area of the park, I took this photo overlooking Lily Lake with a view of Uptown.

The St. John River as seen from UNBSJ is always a beautiful site.

The clock donated by Irving is a wonderful addition to the foot of King Street. The architecture of Brunswick House behind makes it even better. It was made by the Electric Time Company.

Uptown during a work day is generally a quiet place when there are no tourists. These guys are always outside, though!

This view of Saint John Harbour reminds us that this is a working port, even though the major tourist attractions are not far away.

Check out my Saint John tour video in my other blog post.

UNBSJ Series – Summer

This is my second post in my series about UNBSJ following my graduation on May 30th.

Irving Hall. This is where our grad class photo was taken! Within just hours, everyone had a printed copy of the photo. That’s a very quick turnaround if you ask me.

Ward Chipman Library in the distance. It’s hard to believe I will no longer be walking these paths as a student anymore!

Hazen Hall, where I spent the majority of my classes.

The St. John River. You may recognize this view from my last post in the winter.

Cool looking stairs.

One of my favourite photos from the campus!

That’s all for now. Check back soon.

UNBSJ Series – Winter

As of May 30th, I am now an alumnus of UNBSJ. In my next several posts, I will talk about my experiences at this university and share some of my previously unblogged photos. First, some general shots…

Now that the narrow yearly window of warm Canadian weather is upon us, no one wants to think about what winter is like. This past winter was the first time I really took many photos of the snow.

I loved how this shot of Oland Hall turned out with the beautiful snow left almost undisturbed.

The Ward Chipman Library building is perhaps one of the more iconic buildings of the campus, in my opinion, simply because it’s a focal point for students and it is one of the original buildings.

This is a pathway covered in snow leading to the campus from the hospital. This path no longer exists. It has been converted into a paved road connecting with the hospital parking lot to assist in the emergency room expansion. Good riddence too. This path looks fairly innocent, but it’s very difficult to climb in deep, icey snow.

The St. John River is beautiful at all times of the year. This shot closely mirrors one I took in the summer as well.

The back of the Ward Chipman Library building. I learned at the Alumni Toast event that this part of the building was once used as a cafeteria. This makes sense because there is a separate entrance to what is now the study lounge, and concrete slabs on the lawn that perhaps at one time held outdoor tables.

In my next post, I’ll switch seasons and talk about my favourite photos from the summer months!

We un-did a “done” deal

Although there’s still a lot of work to do, the Premier’s comments during Friday’s State of the Province Address were reassuring enough to mark a victory for UNBSJ. It was during this address that the Premier clarified that the University of New Brunswick in Saint John will remain the University of New Brunswick in Saint John with Liberal Arts programs, but also new programs in technical fields. In addition to this, the universities themselves will become responsible for organizing the necessary changes.

For me, it is great to know that all the rallie, letters, media coverage, and public uproar over this issue was enough to change the government’s direction, and prevent a major blow to this city and the province. Is everything good forever now? No, of course not. But at least the Premier is finally acknowledging the importance of the Saint John university and has now created an opportunity for UNBSJ to write a new chapter for itself. We must not become complacent and ignore what the government was originally considering. For now though, we can rest and celebrate.

Early on, I said that a “done” deal CAN be undone. We un-did a “done” deal. Too often, Saint Johners are perhaps too used to situations where government deals go through regardless of what the people want, but this is one notable exception for the history books.


History did repeat itself.

Photos published in UNB Alumni News

Two of my photos from the rallies to Save UNBSJ now have the distinction of being published in the UNB Alumni News, Winter 2008 Edition.


The rallies of support were the issue’s feature story. A picture of me at the first Saint John rally is used inside the main cover. I am holding a sign that says “Supporting Post Secondary CHOICE in Saint John”.


One of my favourite pictures from the provincial rally in Fredericton appears with the main article. No other photos were used for the article unfortunately due to space limitations.


Here is a larger version of the picture with its caption. If you want to read the full article, download the PDF from UNB’s web site.

UNBSJ keeping its spirits up

As originally reported by Miriam Jones, UNBSJ has unveiled a special Wall of Friends featuring printouts of signatures from the online petition. Why didn’t I think of this?


The large letters read “KEEP YOUR SPIRITS UP UNBSJ. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.” It was hard to take a good picture since the wall is so long, and this is only 1/3rd of all 3250+ signatures.

Contrary to what some believe, UNBSJ isn’t saved yet. Although the term “polytechnic” is off the table, the possibility of diminishing UNBSJ is still on the table. The fight is not over!